Remuneration policy

Principles regarding remuneration policy of joint stock company Reverta
The objective of the remuneration policy of joint stock company Reverta, being a responsible employer, is to ensure a system of remuneration that would allow for the attraction and retention of highly professional specialists that would aid in achieving the ultimate objective of the company – State aid recovery.

The remuneration policy is focused on stable and competitive remuneration, including social protection guarantees, and its aim is to ensure fairness and equity by rewarding employees according to their competence and performance.

The system of remuneration is set out in the Human Resources and Remuneration Policy of Reverta, which is approved by the Supervisory Board of the company.

Remuneration comprises basic salary, variable part of remuneration, as well as any other types of remuneration related to work.

Basic salary – fixed part of monthly remuneration established for each position.
Variable part of remuneration – part of remuneration which depends on performance of the company and is paid in accordance with annual evaluation of each individual employee.

Remuneration at joint stock company Reverta is calculated in accordance with salary groups and their levels which comprise the remuneration system.

Basic salaries of Reverta’s employees are designed in accordance with the following criteria:
  • Professional competencies, including level of education and work experience;
  • Problem solving, decision making and complexity of the work;
  • Level of responsibility, impact on the result.

Remuneration policy of joint stock company Reverta also has set out measures for the prevention of conflict of interests:
  • To exclude the possibility for the top management employees to fix or participate in fixing their own remuneration;
  • To exclude the possibility to have the next of kin and spouse as a direct subordinate;
  • It is not acceptable that among Executive Board members, Heads of Departments and the employees of Internal Audit Division or directly subordinate employees there is a spousal relationship or similar relationship, as well as any other relationship, which creates personal interest in the remuneration of the other person or in obtaining additional benefit;
  • In all cases to abide by and act in full accordance with the Code of Ethics of joint stock company Reverta.