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Feb 15, 2017
Reverta Makes another Regular Interest Payment of EUR 3.7 m to the State Treasury

In February 2017, joint-stock company Reverta has made another regular interest payment to the State Treasury in the amount of EUR 3.7 m. Since 1 August 2010 Reverta has repaid the State Treasury EUR 430.1 m but the total of various payments to the State amount to EUR 690.3 m, including EUR 16 m in the form of tax payments.

By the end of 2016 Reverta had recovered EUR 740.3 m which is 66 % of all distressed assets received from Parex Bank, thus exceeding the initial estimates of Reverta’s management.

Currently there are only assets undergoing complicated and time consuming workout process left in Reverta’s loan portfolio. Other assets have been already disposed of and the recovered funds have been repaid to the State. In order to wind up economic activities of the company by the end of 2017, Reverta is looking for an investor to buy its remaining assets. Alongside the portfolio sales process, Reverta will continue workout of the portfolios until the closing of their sale.

For additional information:
In order to implement the EC approved Restructuring Plan which envisages completion of the workout of Reverta’s portfolio and closing of all operations by the end of 2017, Reverta has signed an agreement with KMPG Baltics for receiving expert’s advice on the sales process of Reverta’s loan portfolios.
Of 65 contacted potential investors 15 signed confidentiality agreements and in November 2016 received access to the virtual data room. Upon examination of the provided data, in December 2016 seven potential investors submitted their non-binding offers. In line with the recommendation of the consultant KMPG Baltics, four best tenderers were invited to participate in a more thorough examination of Reverta’s loan portfolio.

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Jan 11, 2017
Reverta: EUR 60 m paid to the State Treasury last year

In 2016 Joint Stock Company Reverta paid 60 million euros to the State Treasury, which is by seven million euros more than in 2015. Of this sum, 40 million euros were used to repay the principal amount and 20 million euros were used to repay the interest on State aid to Parex banka.
The results of the previous year were significantly improved through several large and complex projects in Latvia and abroad, completion of which required many years of sustained efforts. One of the best known is the reconstruction, lease and sales deal of the central AirBaltic office building for the total amount of 6.2 million euros.

Between 1 August 2010 and 31 December 2016 Reverta has recovered EUR 735.7 m from the restructuring of distressed loans, sales of bonds, and disposal of real estate properties, which is 65 per cent of all assets. EUR 426.4 m have been paid directly to the State Treasury, and this is only a part of all obligations fulfilled and payments made by Reverta in due time and in full amount.

“By 31 December 2016, in the form of various payments the State has received from Reverta more than EUR 670.6 m. This is indeed a good indicator in view of the status and quality of the distressed assets left behind by the previous shareholders of the bank. Often the real market value of the assets was only 10 per cent of the loan,” points out Solvita Deglava, Chairperson of the Management Board of Reverta.

Solvita Deglava emphasizes: “It was clear already in the middle of 2010 when recovery of the State aid was commenced that Reverta will not be a profitable company. We were aware of the expected losses but have done our best to substantially reduce them.”

“This year we are going to continue the restructuring of the remaining loans and the recovery of funds in addition to the cooperation with a consultant to actively sell Reverta’s portfolios. It is our task to discontinue Reverta’s economic activities by the end of 2017,” explains Solvita Deglava.

As most of Reverta’s assets have been already disposed of, currently company’s total assets are less than 70 million euros. During 2016, assets of Reverta decreased by euro 79.8 m or 55 %, as compared to 31 December 2015.

Additional information:
Reverta is a distressed assets manager, the main competencies of which are loan restructuring, debt recovery and real estate management. According to the Restructuring Plan approved for Parex banka by the European Commission, Reverta’s economic activities will be discontinued at the end of 2017. By this term Reverta has to complete sales of its portfolio and cease all operations.

For more information contact:
Marita Ozoliņa
Head of Communication and Marketing
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